Suryapet town has historical recognition as ‘Gate Way of Telangana’ in the Indian State of Telangana. It is a Grade One Municipality in Suryapet District of Telangana with the population of 94,660 as per the 2001 Census and spreadover 35 Sq.Kms. Suryapet Urban Local Body was constituted in the year 1952, as Grade-III Municipality and at present this ULB has been upgraded to Grade-I Municipality consequent to the increase of population and area. The majority of people in this town are engaged in Commercial activities beside substantial agriculture work. The Commissioner is the Chief Executive Authority of the Municipality. It is also the Revenue Divisional Head Quarter. It is located at 170-5’ North latitude and 790-37’ Eat longitude, on the National High Way No.9 at a distance of 132 Kms east of Hyderabad. The River Musi a tributary for river Krishna flows from the distance of 8 Kms.

Chalukyas, Kaatiya, and finally Nizam dynasty ruled it. Suryapet Municipality was constituted in the year 1952 as Grade-III Municipality, which was upgraded into Grade-II Municipality in the year 1984 and to Grade-I on 07-11-1998. The area of the town is 35 Sq.kms.

Topographical Features:

The soil in and around the otwn is hard is hard gravel soil. Elevation of the town varies from + 169 mtrs to 184 mtrs above main sea level. The natural slope of the town is from North to South. There are three tanks namely Pulla Reddy Tank, Chowdary Tank and Nallacheruvu Tank in the heart of the town. Musi left canal passes through the town from west to east irrigating fields in and around the town. The average ground water table is about 50 below ground level.

Request For Proposals for addressing the following urban reforms in Suryapet Municipality

RFP for Improvement in Advertisement Tax

RFP for improvement in Property tax collections

RFP for reduction in Non-revenue water






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