Particulars of Master Plan

Sl. No. Item Details Description 
1 Area of General Town Planning Scheme (Master Plan) Extent in Hectares / Acres 2752.00
2 Area of the Municipality Extent in Hectares / Acres 2752.00
3 Villages covered in General Town Planning Scheme (Master Plan) Names of Revenue villages B. Madharam Suryapet (M)
4 Overall Land use allocation break up Details of Survey Nos. with villages showing land use Residential Commercial use, Industrial use, Public & Semi Public use, Agricultural use, Water courses
5 Locality-wise land use description Names of localities with land use Residential : Thallagadda, J.J. Nagar, Fire Station area, Mamillagadda, Kotamaisamma Bazar, Kummari bazaar, Kothagudem Bazar, Vijaya colony, Balaji Nagar, 60ft LIC Road, Sriram Nagar, Krishna Nagar colony.Commercial: Khammam Road, Church compound, Opp. Church compound, Jakir Hussain Nagar, Bhagathsingh Nagar, Shankarvilas center, Bustand N.H.9, Vegetable market road, V.T. Temple, Edga road to Khammam road.Public & semi Public use : Church compound, Area Hospital, IDSMT shopping complex.
6 Proposed road widths Name of the arterial / important road with width
  1. Bye-pass road Engineering College to Kasarabad via Nagulammagudi, 60ft road-124.50(in Lakhs)
  2.  Bye-Pass Road Pulla Reddy Cheruvu to Musi Canal Dasaigudem 60ft Road-62.21(in Lakhs)
  3. Old NH.No. 9 Kothagudem Bazar atmain road to kasarabad road 60ft road-53.66(in Lakhs)
  4. Bye-Pass Road to Khammam Road via gopalapuram 60ft road – 30.00(in Lakhs)
  5. Bye-Pass Road Manasa Nagar to Khammam Road via KK Road 100ft road-100.00(in Lakhs)
  6. Bye-Pass road Musi Canal 60ft M.P. Road-43(in Lakhs)
  7. Old NH-9 Edla gopaiah bavi to khammam Road via Ambedkar nagar, chintala cheruvu 60ft road – 62.21 (In Lakhs)
  8. Old NH-9 vasram thanda to balaram thanda Bye-Pass road 60ft M.P. Road – 60.00(in Lakhs)
  9. Central ware house to balaram thanda east side 60ft road – 30.00 (in Lakhs)
  10. Bye-Pass Raod (opp: Ayyappa Temple) to 60ft M.P. road to 50ft M.P. Road – 19.00 (in lakhs)
  11. Formation of 50ft M.P. Road from Bye-Pass Road (at Rajendraparboild to 60ft M.P. Road near Musi canal) to Gali veeraiah Land  – 18.00 (in lakhs)
  12. Formation of 50ft M.P road from Old NH.9 to 60ft M.P raod via, Govt. polytechnic college-18.00 (in lakhs)
  13. Formation 100ft M.P. Road form Bye-Pass road to Janagam Road – 38.00

                                       Total : 658.58

7 Heritage buildings and precincts Names of the buildings with location Nil
8 Change of land use cases approved by the Government Survey No. with name of villages
  1. From residential to general commercial G.O.M.s.No.  353, M.A. Dt. 4-7-88, G.T.P. No. 9/87
  2. From heavy industry & open space to residential, G.T.P. NO. 3/88
  3. From Agriculture use to industrial use (H.I), G.O.Ms. No. 456, M.A. Dt. 27.08.88
  4. A TOB & DTOE old high way width to be retained as 100’-0”, G.O.Ms. NO. 282, M.A.Dt . 19.04.93, 1/91

BTOC old igh way (from Tahsil office to khammam cross roads) to be reduced from 100’.00” ot 70’.0”

  1. i) X1 to X10, from agricultureal use to industrial use.

ii) realignment of 60’-00” wide MP Road

iii) Proposed 50’-0” wide circular road, G.T.P NO. 9/93 portion

  1. From Residential use to industrial use (H.I), G.O.Ms No. 65, M.A. Dt. 15-02-96, G.T.P. No. 1/96
  2. From Public & Semi Public use to Residential use G.O.Ms. No. 50, M.A. Dt. 18.02.98, G.T.P No. 10/96
  3. From residential use to Public & Semi public use G.O.Ms. No. 624, M.A. Dt. 13.11.99, G.T.P No. 3/98/H1
  4. Proposed 50’-0” wide M.P. Road deleted and converted into residential area, G.O.Ms. No. 397 M.A. Dt. 02.09.2002, G.T.P No. 04/2002
  5. Residential use to commercial use, G.O.Ms. No. 338 M.A. Dt. 05.07.2003, G.T.P No. 06/2003
9 Approved layouts Name of village with survey No. and extent APHB LP. 622/86Krishnanagar Colony LP No. 192/86APHB LP No. 13/89

Behind Nirmala Hospital LPNo. 111/98

R.K. Garden LP No. 7/2002

10 Land use Zoning regulations Activities permitted in different land use zones As per G.O.Ms.No. 923,M.A. Date: 02.11.1982
11 Villages and Survey Nos. likely to be affected by road proposals and other reservations for parks, play grounds and civic amenities Details
12 Layout and subdivision regulations Details
13 Control on building height/FSI/FAR/ground coverage etc Details Building Rules as per G.O.Ms.No.168 M.A., Dt:07-04-2012
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